Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long have you been operating?
Web App Developments is the collective organisation of a number of programming geeks who have been friends for years. We finally decided to work together to ensure our customers get a higher level and greater continuity of service. The organisation was formalised in Starbucks on 23 May 2013.

What tools do you use?
Desktop applications are usually built in Xojo (nee Real Studio). iPhone, iPad and Android applications are built in Carona SDK. In December 2013 iOS applications will also be built using Xojo. Some applications are built using Apple's Xcode. Web-based PHP applications are usually built using PHPRunner. Feature-rich web-based applications are built using Xojo.

Can you do work for companies outside of the Midlands UK?

What do you charge?
It depends entirely on the job. Domains, DNS and simple web sites are easy and so less expensive, but web-based applications and e-commerce can be hard, so will be more expensive. Mobile applications require a lot of testing. Some existing products have a once-off charge, while others such as hosted databases have an ongoing monthly cost. We usually expect 50% of the fee up front, an additional 25% upon delivery then the final 25% upon sign off. Any changes to the specification during the build process will incur an extra charge, so the clearer we all are the better!

Is there anything you won't do?
Our focus is applications development, especially using databases. If you want us to fix your copy of Windows, then please don't ask us! Also, document scanning is an area others do much better than us.

Can you do training?

Can you backup our data nightly?
Yes. Or we can show you how to do it yourself.

Can you be our total IT Support?
Yes, but again there are many others who will do a better job than us!
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