Data Cleansing

Just because you have a lot of data doesn't mean it is good data. And cleaning data records by the tens of thousands is very time consuming.

Web App Developments have written dozens of tools to clean almost all aspects of your data. Anything we don't have, we can build. And for us, checking one million fields doesn't take much more time than checking one thousand.

We can check your data integrity, add fields if necessary, merge disparate databases, convert data to other formats and provide data reporting.
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One of our tools allows us to examine your data 'live' and preview what records would be changed without actually making the changes. If the changes are agreed, then they can be updated.
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We have developed tools that can correct the case of text, sort records, find duplicates, find unique values, determine the frequencies of values, convert dates, check that locations are correct based upon postcodes, look up location data such as latitudes and longitudes, remove excess unwanted values (spaces, non-numbers, non-ASCII, etc), format phone numbers correctly, combine columns of data, etc.
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Other tools we have developed allow us to perform extensive text conversion, find and replace tasks, and save into a variety of formats.
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