Application Development

If you have the need for an application, then we can build it for you. We have decades of programming experience in developing cross-platform applications for traditional desktop environments (Macintosh, Windows and Linux). We always test for compatibility with the latest operating systems and devices. We have tools that let us compile once, yet give you the best-of-class features for all three platforms.

If you need your application to run on the web, we have expertise to make your application look as similar to your desktop OS experience as possible, reducing your training costs.

Many customers nowadays are asking for applications that can be made available on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Android tablets. Here we have a choice. Web App Developments can either create a web-based application that will work through all devices, but requires an always-on connection. Alternatively, Web App Developments can build a native application for each actual device.
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Web App Developments create industry standard applications using a variety of code-generating tools. These tools allow us to create applications and databases that compile into native platform machine code (not interpreted code) for desktop applications, PHP code for massive multi-user systems, native machine code CGI applications for feature-rich web-based applications, and sandboxed AppStore suitable applications for the Apple Mac AppStore, the Apple iOS AppStore, the Android Google Play Store and the Amazon Kindle AppStore.

We prefer to build our databases to access MySQL, SQLite and Postgres databases, but have written applications that access Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.
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