Web Hosting

Most businesses today already have a web-presence. Whether you are a large company or small, it makes good business sense to allow new and existing customers to find you 24/7 on the web.

Your business web site should have, at least, a list of your basic products and services and your contact details. Savvy businesses allow purchasing over the internet so it is like you have a salesman working day and night!

Web App Developments can provide you just the slice of the web you are missing, or every part you need.

We can:
  • purchase your Domain Name e.g. www.myNewStuff.com
  • provide a Domain Name Server (DNS) to hold your name
  • allocate web-space to store your web files on our servers
  • build your web site
  • provide contact details on the web site
  • build web databases into your web site
  • provide internet, intranet and extranet access
  • build e-commerce links
  • link your site to Google Analytics and GoSquared LiveStats

For the hosting of Xojo CGI apps see click here.
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