Anyone can create a Word document, but to proof-read and publish that same document takes a lot of skill. Web App Developments have access to experts who can build your documents from scratch or craft your existing documents into documents fit for purpose. Once the documents are created, Web App Developments can make them available to your staff or customers in the best format.

ePublishing (Documents)
If you need to publish your documents or manuals we can ensure they will look great on Apple iOS (iPad & iPhone), Kindle or other devices. Documents can be provided in Word format, ePub or secure PDF format. We can even create PDF forms for you!

Video Publishing
We can also edit and publish your video data to the web and make them available you all your desktop and mobile device users.

Copy Editing
If you don't have time to create your own eDocuments then Web App Developments can help build them.

Proof Reading
If you have existing documents that you would like someone to proof-read for spelling, grammatical or logic errors, then Web App Developments has access to trained professionals.

Document Conversion
If you have documents in an existing format and want them converted into a different format then Web App Developments can do that too.

Training Materials
If you want us to create training materials for the applications we create then we can help build and publish them.
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