Every business has dozens of paper forms and spreadsheets that they fill in on a weekly or monthly basis to keep operating. Often these processes take many steps through many staff members, making up a very high administrative cost.

Web App Developments can take those paper or spreadsheet-based forms and turn them into web-based databases that look identical to your current forms. We can hide or disable functions from certain users, provide exporting (XLS, CSV and tab-delimited) and PDF printing. We can add rules to data entry so that only correct data can be entered. Plus our reporting module allows us to tailor as many reports as you need.

Every month staff need to enter an expenses form. Wouldn't be nice if it was web-based and linked to your Business Plan and Tax Codes. With the ability to add signatures and authorisation it keeps everything in order online.

Time Sheets
Web App Developments is planning to expand into weekly/monthly and Timesheet entry. This module has been scoped, but is not yet built. Tell us if this would be of use to you.

Human Resources
Your HR department needs to keep your policies up to date and available. We can ensure they are available in read-only format on a system only you have access to.
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