Hosting Xojo CGI apps
If you have CGI applications written in the cross-platform web-development environment called Xojo then you can test and host them on our servers.

What do I get?
For $US10 per month you get:
  • one SFTP account (to copy your files to the server)
  • ability to run up to three Xojo CGI applications
  • store up to 500 Mb of web data (HTML, PHP, SQLite, etc)
  • create as many SQLite databases as you want (within your space limit)
  • access one server-based MySQL database (accessible by CGI)
  • transfer up to 20 Gb of network bandwidth per month
  • try it for a week before you subscribe to ensure it works for you
  • cancel anytime you want

What is a typical scenario?
You create a fabulous new app to test Chart Director and it works on your PC or Macintosh. You request a new account name called 'Apple' and receive a password 'XYZ123'. You compile your Xojo application as a Macintosh CGI (say, ChartDirectorTesterWE/chartdirectortesterwe.cgi with all its associated files). You would use any normal SFTP program to copy these files onto the FTP server, changing any permissions where necessary. To test the application you would need to enter the URL:

where /Apple/ is your username and /ChartDirectorTesterWE/ is the folder you just copied up. Once you are happy that the application is operational, then you can embed that URL into an iFrame on your existing website.
Click here to see what the above site looks like in an iFrame.

To view your web pages you can point your URL to :

What is the server?
The server is a 4-core, 2 Ghz Core i7 co-located Mac mini based in Las Vegas. It has 16G RAM and 2 TB of drive space, is running the latest MacOS X Server and MySQL, has a 100 MBit connection (both ways) to the internet plus it supports secure FTP connections.

It will support web pages written in packages such as RapidWeaver and iWeb using PHP and Python.

What won't the server do?
Replace an ISP server. If you want to manage email and FTP accounts, or install web services such as Drupal, need root access or DNS then this service is not for you. Think of it as a Xojo database server that can also host your HTML web pages. The server is updated with Apple updates every couple of months — this takes the server down for a few minutes only and is usually performed on weekends.

The server is ideally suited to support many Xojo CGI applications simultaneously. If your needs in terms of processing power and storage are excessive, then please consider an alternative solution.

I still have questions
contact me to answer any of your specific questions.

Optional Extras
There may be an additional charge for variations to the above including: your own domain name, more storage space, more network bandwidth, more MySQL databases, nightly off-site backups, etc.